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help > spells > ward
Spell        :   Ward
Class        :   Evoker
Cost         :   Selectable
Effect Type  :   defense, by effect
Casting Time :   1 round, unless adjusted by metamagic
Difficulty   :   half skill
Effect Value :   cost + margin of success; max 3x cost
Syntax       :   cast [material] ward <cost> [targets]
                 or cast ward dispel [targets]
	         or cast [material] ward override <cost> [targets]
Examples     :   cast shock ward 20

Wall is an Evoker Method (see help spell methods) which creates a protective
field around the subject of the spell.

If no element is specified, ward has an effective AC of cost*3. If an element
is specified, ward has a higher AC, but only against that element. Note that
AC bonuses from ward work normally against attack types that normally bypass

Wards are somewhat ablative; as you take damage, they weaken and are 
eventually destroyed. Wards are applied before armor; thus, they are
easily damaged by small attacks. The amount of damage required to destroy
a ward is the same for both typed and untyped wards; a typed ward will 
stop considerably more damage per hit, but total damage stopped remains
about the same.

The ongoing metamagic causes a ward to automatically regenerate to full every
heartbeat, though if it drops below 0 it is still destroyed; however, an 
ongoing ward is half as strong as a standard ward. You may only cast an 
ongoing ward on yourself; if cast on any other target, ongoing is ignored.

Cast ward dispel removes a ward on you or a ward cast by you; it has no 
effect on a ward cast by someone else. Cast ward override will dispel the old
ward and apply a new ward; again, you can only override your own wards.
See also: metamagic