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help > brief
Command: brief

Syntax: brief

This command toggles you between brief and loquacious modes.
If you are in brief mode, you will only see the short description
of any room you enter. In loquacious, you will see the long description.
Brief is usualy the prefered mode, for those familiar with the areas
they are in, as it cuts down on the amount of text scrolling across
your screen. Typing 'look' will still show you the longer description
if you have a need to see it.
It is important to note, however, that certain informational things
will be missed while in brief mode, mostly having to do with weather
and light conditions. It is also unwise to attempt to do quests
in brief mode, as you are apt to miss a lot of important clues
that might be written into certain room descriptions.

See also: help text, help look, help glance