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Wizards are the backbone of Tsunami, supplying code, meta-games, new and 
difficult challenges and hopefully wherever possible, fun.  They are responsible 
for ensuring that players and other wizards interact fairly without cheating; 
and for setting and applying the general rules of the game, under the guidance 
of the God of the MUD.

Wizard levels can be found in 'wizlist'.  Wizard responsibilities vary, 
but in general wizards of level 100 or higher can sponsor new wizards; wizards 
of level 500 and higher have responsibility for ensuring class balance and 
managing areas on the MUD; and wizards of level 1000 and higher have 
responsibility for administrative matters relating to the MUD, including 
decisions on player and wizard issues.

If you're interested in becoming a wizard, check out 'help wizardship'
or 'help sponsor' (they are the same file).