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|The Great Old Ones                                                 |
|Let us turn down the lights now, and speak in soft whispers of what|
|has gone before.  The Great Old Ones walked within the Outer       |
|Darkness and came to our Realms when they were newly formed.  Vast |
|and alien, the Great Old Ones are beyond our comprehension, for    |
|they do not proceed in any rational fashion even to the other      |
|Powers.							    |
|								    |
|It is not even known to me whether any of the Elder Gods still     |
|abide within our Realms, but the persistence of their followers    |
|seems to indicate that they do perhaps exist yet.  Some believe    |
|that the followers of the Great Old Ones are insane, or merely     |
|seek an avenue out of the Jihad.  Others believe that their madness|
|is caused by touching the Great Old Ones and becoming pawns in     |
|their alien designs.  Or, perhaps, it is as I believe, that the    |
|Great Old Ones linger in a deathless sleep and touch the mind of   |
|mortal beings who stray too near their hidden lairs in the thin    |
|areas of the Dreaming.						    |
|								    |
|To follow the Great Old Ones is to surrender to madness.  There is |
|no law, there is no order, there is no good, there is no evil,     |
|there is only the vast all consuming madness of a design of such   |
|unfathomable intent as to make even the other Powers tremble in    |
|fear of the unknown.						    |
|								    |
|								    |
|								    |
|                               To this Writ I set my Hand,	    |
|                               Jarrod Melshimber, Servant of Truth,|
|                               Witness of the Ages, and            |
|                               Seer of Kyldiss.                    |