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help > eat
-=-=-=-[ help eat ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

During your travels, you will no doubt encounter food.  Monsters
may carry it, corpses of animals may contain meat, shops will have
food for sale and you may encounter crops you can harvest.  As you
would expect you may [eat] or [drink] this food for some benefit,
usually healing.

In addition, and largely unique to the realms of Tsunami, you may
consume the corpses of fallen NPCs or players via the [eat corpse]
command.  Humanoid player classes (see:  help classes) receive a
few points of HP and SP by this act.  However, non-humanoid players,
due to their meat-eating primal natures, receive a much large healing
benefit by this act.

The Cleric class (see:  help cleric) find this act morally repugnant
and derive no benefit from the consumption of corpses.  They choose
to honor and respect the dead and must [bury corpse] instead of eating
them.  Clerics will derive the same benefits from burying the corpse
that other players gain from eating them.

WAR NOTE:  During wars, consuming or burying the corpses of fallen
players will confer a much larger heal than normal.  During wars,
NPCs will not leave corpses when they die.