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Who is online right now?


Is Marisil a Narcissus or a Goldmund?                               (Arch Wizard)
[B!=F] Raine                                                        (Arch Wizard)
Chaitan                                                                    (Sage)
Blahbleh                                                                (Sponsor)
Brokkr the utter novice                                            (Stormtrooper)
Kerafyrm The Sleeper                                   (Death's Faithful Servant)
[Bridge Four] Bolt (sparking violently)                          (Lightning Lord)
ghost of Sid                                                   (The Lord of Fire)
Deathcrush (vampiric)                                              (Deathly Wyrm)
ghost of Asherzot                                      (ArchBishop of Armageddon)
[] Kaiban (balance)                   (Grand Master of Ancient Knowledge)
Bubble the Chrinos Wolf                                            (Alpha Female)
Black Francis searches for his mind (flying)                  (Visage of Verdure)
Drink Earthsauce the python (moon-called) (blessed)                 (Jormungandr)
Valentinus the Gnostic heretic                             (World Tribe's Healer)
An unknown Fighter                                                      (Fighter)
-- Online: 16  (Unknown players: 1) --------------------------------------------

Players marked 'unknown' are 'who off' to hide somewhat from their enemies.