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Marisil continues to ruin the game                                  (Arch Wizard)
[B!=F | 80HD] Raine                                                 (Arch Wizard)
Chaitan                                                                    (Sage)
Orion is now just another corporate schmuck                                (Sage)
Sten the utter novice                                                (Apprentice)
Karsh                                                   (Dark Angel of the Night)
[Companions] Khali - Dark Empress of the Forbidding             (Cimmerian Shade)
Lady Sarah Brightman the Gnostic heretic                   (Phantom of The Opera)
Kerafyrm The Sleeper                          (Ebon Dracolich, the Endless Night)
Frylock and I'm on top, rock you like a cop!                    (Timeline Master)
Blunderbore                                                    (Greater Behemoth)
Valentinus the Gnostic heretic                               (The Godhead Itself)
-- Online: 12 ------------------------------------------------------------------

Players marked 'unknown' are 'who off' to hide somewhat from their enemies.