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Who is online right now?


Marisil the unwashed gnostic                                        (Arch Wizard)
Raine                                                               (Arch Wizard)
Chaitan                                                                    (Sage)
When you see Orion you see truth                                           (Sage)
Krule [Veteran]                                                   (Senior Wizard)
Memnoch likes sheep                                                     (Sponsor)
Blahbleh                                                         (Greater Wizard)
Glenn Quagmire says "Giggity"                                        (Loresinger)
Kerafyrm The Sleeper                                          (Great Undead Wyrm)
Darkclaw the African American Dragon                                   (Corroder)
[BOS] Well I stepped into an Avalanche           (Grand Master of the Five Paths)
Truckstop Hooker                                                  (Sailor's Doom)
Valentinus the Gnostic heretic                                  (Supernal Mystic)
-- Online: 13 ------------------------------------------------------------------

Players marked 'unknown' are 'who off' to hide somewhat from their enemies.