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Trix says: Era moreugessda                                          (Arch Wizard)
wat r u doin in Darkpoole 's swamp               ([Elder Wizard] - (Pretend Sage)
Ghyath is the Master of replace                                   (Senior Wizard)
Myopic                                                              (High Wizard)
Whitepowder the utter novice                             (Blade Weaver)
{Styx} Sid ViCIoUs [PATRON]                        (Infernal Terror of the Skies)
[Companions] Lady Inara (wise) (sanctified)           (Vessel of Infinite Wisdom)
Daughter of Lilith Angel Does Witchy Things (levitating (Bringer of Ill Fortunes)
Mynecrotest the utter novice                                      (Zombie Master)
An unknown Cleric                                                        (Cleric)
-- Online: 10  (Unknown players: 1) --------------------------------------------

Players marked 'unknown' are 'who off' to hide somewhat from their enemies.