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War - Frequently Asked Questions (continued)
(Q) What happens if I lose my link during a war?
(A) If you quit during the war you will instantly forfeit.
    You will also forfeit if you are linkdead when the
    voting on the type of war ceases and the war begins.
    You may not necessarily forfeit if you lose your 
    link afterward, but other players will be free to
    kill you.  If you should die or lose your link,
    there is a special viewing room where you can watch 
    the progress of the war.
(Q) Can I save my equipment before the war begins?
(A) There are locker rooms placed strategically around
    Tsunami.  The 'shop' command will take you to the
    nearest general shop, and a locker room will be
    located nearby.  This command is active in the
    5 minutes that precede the mud shutting down in
    preparation for war.
(Q) What if I log into the war late?  Is there anything
    to do while I wait for the mud to come back up?
(A) There are rooms with simulated card games that
    you may use to pass the time should you so desire.
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"battlemap", "track" and vortex".