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                        TT TTT TTTTTT T T T TTTTTT TT
                        TTTTTTTTTT  TT TTT TT TT TT T   T
                      TTTTTTTTTTTTT T T  T  T    T T   T TT
                SSS      TTT   |  T  T T T  TT TT  TTT T   T  T
              SSSSSS    TT   |  T T   T T  T   T  T  T T  T T   T
             SS       TTT  | | | | T   T      T         TT   T    T
            SS       TTT  | | | |    T    T   T  T  T T     T T
             SSS       | | | |             T  T  T   T  T   T  T  T
                SS    | | |             T       T       T         T
 UU   UU         SS  | | |
  UU   UU  SS   SS  | | |
  UU   UU   SSSSS  | | |                    The 'big' Wave.
  U    U              | |      'You STILL can't keep a good wave down!'
 UU   UU  NN      NN | | |       
  UUUUU   NNN    NN   | | | | |
         NN NN   NN        | |   MM     MMM
        NN   NN  NN   AAAA      MM MMMMMM MM
        NN    NNNN   AA  AA    MM   MMMM   M     IIII
       NN      NN   AAAA  AA   M           MM     II
                   AA  AAAAA  MM            M    II
                  AA      AA                 M   II
                           AA                    II

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Tsunami is one of the oldest original lpMUDs in existence, having been around since at least 1990. It has a long and glorious history. Tsunami features over 20 humanoid races and several nonhumanoid races (such as Dragons, Fey, Monsters, and Horrors!). Players can choose from over 65 elaborate, detailed subclasses spread over 10 guilds. You can own a house or run a business too!

The world of Tsunami is vast, consisting of over 15,000 rooms and a massive selection of areas to explore. Many fun adventures await including intricate quests, PvP Warfare, a collectible card game, and many more metagames.

Tsunami is ENTIRELY free (donations welcome via Patreon but not required) and all coders work here for the love of the game. Many have been doing it for over a decade and we are always looking for more new talented designers. Follow the links on the left to create an account, learn to play, and connect to this great MUD.

We'd like to take the time to thank those great patrons of ours including: Russeldog, Pythia, Streak, Marisil, Darkpoole, Brock, Lif, Xcheefoo, Orsk, Morganti, Trix, Sid - It's thanks to you that Tsunami is still running.

Recent Changes

Sensei - Ghyath Fri, 15 Mar 2019 20:41:21 PST
After the years in darkness, Sensei learnt how to craft torches and now
stocks them for 200 coins a piece.
Hopefully this will bring some light to those who need it.
Scroll of Greater Vitality / Aid - Darkpoole Wed, 13 Mar 2019 11:45:58 PST
The heal potency of the scroll / aid is still the same, I've just
randomized how much it actually heals you because it was totally

Paladin - Darkpoole Fri, 08 Mar 2019 10:51:38 PST
I reduced (increased?) the Paladin base toughness from -40% to -20%.
Removed the unholy side to paladins along with the quest rewards, You will
only lose the slots if you purge your talents, so if you see me on, let me
know and I'll work something out.

Faeriedragon pt. 1 - Trix Fri, 08 Mar 2019 00:18:13 PST
SP drain from flurry is now slightly more random with a bigger potential
range. However you will only be drained during combat, and for a 20 round
wind-down period after combat ends.
The attacking bonus from flurry was reduced by 50%
The cap on attacks was removed, but should remain about where it was
before via diminishing returns.
Faeriedragons - Darkpoole Wed, 06 Mar 2019 13:35:36 PST
Now, if I have done this right and my god it'd be embarrassing if I screwed

Faeriedragon's flurry should be a simple on/off skill now.
I tweaked the SP drain to be a little higher and will auto shutoff when SP
is below 20.

Thanks to Morgul for the suggestion.

Book of Worlds - Krule Sat, 02 Mar 2019 05:46:15 PST
books 1-4 have been rewritten to use modern coding standards, along with
some other changes. Bug me if there are any issues.
Amulet of Grax - Krule Sat, 02 Mar 2019 05:45:07 PST
Amulet of Grax will now give a bonus to faeriedragons. Bug me if there are
any issues,
Re: Paladin Avenger - Darkpoole Wed, 20 Feb 2019 05:00:41 PST
On Wed Feb 20 03:19:22 2019, Darkpoole wrote:
> Is now a 50SP cost instead of 150.
> Pls enjoy.
And with that, I forgot to mention, you can't use them in wars/arena

Paladin Avenger - Darkpoole Wed, 20 Feb 2019 03:19:22 PST
Is now a 50SP cost instead of 150.

Pls enjoy.

< no title > - Darkpoole Tue, 19 Feb 2019 02:54:02 PST
The new paladin rewrite has been finalized as is ready to be played. If you
notice some funky things i might have missed, please use the bug report
with bug Darkpoole:Paladin xyz

Also I got promoted.

Object identification - Ghyath Mon, 18 Feb 2019 20:32:38 PST
I have changed various items and monsters all around the place in order to
have proper name visualization (typically named items and NPCs). This
shouldn't cause any problems, but if you encounter a problem with item or
NPC identification (such as you see A guard, but you can't ID it via
"guard"), bug it with attention to my name. Thanks in advance.

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