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                        TT TTT TTTTTT T T T TTTTTT TT
                        TTTTTTTTTT  TT TTT TT TT TT T   T
                      TTTTTTTTTTTTT T T  T  T    T T   T TT
                SSS      TTT   |  T  T T T  TT TT  TTT T   T  T
              SSSSSS    TT   |  T T   T T  T   T  T  T T  T T   T
             SS       TTT  | | | | T   T      T         TT   T    T
            SS       TTT  | | | |    T    T   T  T  T T     T T
             SSS       | | | |             T  T  T   T  T   T  T  T
                SS    | | |             T       T       T         T
 UU   UU         SS  | | |
  UU   UU  SS   SS  | | |
  UU   UU   SSSSS  | | |                    The 'big' Wave.
  U    U              | |      'You STILL can't keep a good wave down!'
 UU   UU  NN      NN | | |       
  UUUUU   NNN    NN   | | | | |
         NN NN   NN        | |   MM     MMM
        NN   NN  NN   AAAA      MM MMMMMM MM
        NN    NNNN   AA  AA    MM   MMMM   M     IIII
       NN      NN   AAAA  AA   M           MM     II
                   AA  AAAAA  MM            M    II
                  AA      AA                 M   II
                           AA                    II

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Tsunami is one of the oldest original lpMUDs in existence, having been around since at least 1990. It has a long and glorious history. Tsunami features over 20 humanoid races and several nonhumanoid races (such as Dragons, Fey, Monsters, and Horrors!). Players can choose from over 65 elaborate, detailed subclasses spread over 10 guilds. You can own a house or run a business too!

The world of Tsunami is vast, consisting of over 15,000 rooms and a massive selection of areas to explore. Many fun adventures await including intricate quests, PvP Warfare, a collectible card game, and many more metagames.

Tsunami is ENTIRELY free (donations welcome via Patreon but not required) and all coders work here for the love of the game. Many have been doing it for over a decade and we are always looking for more new talented designers. Follow the links on the left to create an account, learn to play, and connect to this great MUD.

We'd like to take the time to thank those great patrons of ours including: - It's thanks to you that Tsunami is still running.

Recent Changes

Sensei's Store - Trix Thu, 23 Jan 2020 17:20:04 PST
It now sells backpacks for 1,000 dinars each. This is much more costly than
a player store, but there's no stock limit so you will _always_ be able to
get a backpack when you need one. A reminder that Sensei's is 1w, 2s from
War paint skill - Ghyath Wed, 22 Jan 2020 22:03:56 PST
Berserkers have learnt how to tattoo new designs.
For more details please see "help skills war paint".
Some wiggly love - Chaitan Fri, 17 Jan 2020 14:58:30 PST
Swallow got a modest damage buff.

Bile redesigned.

* Now use up all acid when used.
* Now caps based on skill level instead of a fixed number.
* Deals way more damage per acid point.
* Can be modded.
* Acid builds up x8 than before.
* Acid also builds up while in combat.
Various minor stuff - Ghyath Thu, 16 Jan 2020 22:54:12 PST
There was a bug with NPC bard behavioral logic that made them
unintentionally inspire all. It has been fixed.
I cleaned some old code in Dixton and Kyldiss, this should make searching
for some quest items more intuitive than before.
I also cleaned skill helpfiles folder so skills of no longer existent
subclasses (such as Skeletons, Cenobites, Journeymen, Fetches,
Lycanthropes, plain Fighters...) should no longer be accessible with <help
skill skill_name>. More or less functional, yet not playable subclasses
(such as Scorpions, Blacksmiths, Babau, ...) should still have
documentation available.
Smite skill - Ghyath Tue, 31 Dec 2019 22:05:28 PST
Wielding weapon of proper properties should now result in a slightly better
performance of those rare smite-oriented warriors.
Tsunami's IP has changed - Wildcat Tue, 31 Dec 2019 01:37:35 PST
Tsunami's IP address has changed! Always use to
but if you must use an IP, use It will migrate with the
Swallow - Chaitan Wed, 18 Dec 2019 12:40:32 PST
I found two math bugs with swallow. Unfortunately this leads to
a hefty damage drop.

Might change this again since I'm looking at rewriting the skill.
Fire Drake / Ember / burn changes - Chaitan Thu, 28 Nov 2019 07:14:10 PST
* Ember is now 1 round cast, not instant.
* Ember no longer grants a free attack.
* Ember now build up a "heated" counter on the target.
* Burn deals additional damage based on this heated damage.

Yes, this is stackable.

Yes, this may deal ridiculous amount of damage.

Yes, you should fear fire drakes.

Don't want to die instantly to burn? Run away for awhile
and let yourself cool down. It takes about 10 rounds for
it to disappear and is only refreshed if you recieve
another ember.
Meditation changes - Chaitan Tue, 26 Nov 2019 16:18:02 PST
I change meditation considerably. It's basically a completely
new skill so don't expect the same behaviour as before.

When you start meditating several things happen.

* You gain a scaling amount of sp regen.
* You gain a small scaling to hp regen as well.
* You have a huge penalty to awareness, combat and resistance.
* You start gaining a percentage bonus to all four stats.

Meditation has four stages and each bonus is multiplied by
the stage up to "(Serene)". At that point you reach
"pinnacle of concentration" as before.

When you stop meditating YOU KEEP all bonuses. Your penalty
to awareness, combat and resistance is now a small buff.

As your clarity gained from meditation diminsh you slowly
stop gaining these bonuses.

Meditation is not a long time buff so treat it more as a
short bonus to assist you in the next upcoming fight or two!
Tsunami Heal Shop - Darkpoole Mon, 25 Nov 2019 03:32:32 PST
There's a new NPC owned heal shop in town! if you head 2e 5s 2e 6s 2w 2s
(near the magic shop) you can now buy custom made heals for your toon.
So if you don't need a 500HP heal and only need 475HP you can now
specifically buy <that> heal. There is also a huge discount for new

If it breaks, just lemme know and I'll get to it.

Magic Shop - Darkpoole Sat, 23 Nov 2019 09:44:18 PST
The Magic shop (2e5s2e6s2w1s1e) now stocks dark globes.
Nothing fancy but it should help out if you need them.


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