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                        TT TTT TTTTTT T T T TTTTTT TT
                        TTTTTTTTTT  TT TTT TT TT TT T   T
                      TTTTTTTTTTTTT T T  T  T    T T   T TT
                SSS      TTT   |  T  T T T  TT TT  TTT T   T  T
              SSSSSS    TT   |  T T   T T  T   T  T  T T  T T   T
             SS       TTT  | | | | T   T      T         TT   T    T
            SS       TTT  | | | |    T    T   T  T  T T     T T
             SSS       | | | |             T  T   T   T  T   T  T  T
                SS    | | |             T          T       T         T
 UU   UU         SS  | | |
  UU   UU  SS   SS  | | |
  UU   UU   SSSSS  | | |                    The 'big' Wave.
  U    U              | |      'You STILL can't keep a good wave down!'
 UU   UU  NN      NN | | |       
  UUUUU   NNN    NN   | | | | |
         NN NN   NN        | |   MM     MMM
        NN   NN  NN   AAAA      MM MMMMMM MM
        NN    NNNN   AA  AA    MM   MMMM   M     IIII
       NN      NN   AAAA  AA   M           MM     II
                   AA  AAAAA  MM            M    II
                  AA      AA                 M    II
                           AA                    II

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Tsunami is one of the oldest original lpMUDs in existence, having been around since at least 1990. It has a long and glorious history. Tsunami features over 20 humanoid races and several nonhumanoid races (such as Dragons, Fey, Monsters, and Horrors!). Players can choose from over 65 elaborate, detailed subclasses spread over 10 guilds. You can own a house or run a business too!

The world of Tsunami is vast, consisting of over 15,000 rooms and a massive selection of areas to explore. Many fun adventures await including intricate quests, PvP Warfare, a collectible card game, and many more metagames.

Tsunami is ENTIRELY free (donations are not even accepted) and all coders work here for the love of the game. Many have been doing it for over a decade and we are always looking for more new talented designers. Follow the links on the left to create an account, learn to play, and connect to this great MUD.

Recent Changes

Spending Experience - Trix Sat, 21 Jul 2018 20:01:04 PST
I resolved an issue for a very edge case of raising stats/skills. If you
notice any issues with spending experience please let me know.
Werewolf Pack - Trix Mon, 16 Jul 2018 23:13:46 PST
Fixed an oversight that allowed low level wolves to dip below level 1.
Re: Crusader - Divine Wrath - Chaitan Tue, 29 Nov 2016 09:36:06 PST
On Mon Nov 28 16:25:51 2016, Trix wrote:
> The damage output from Divine Wrath has been lowered.
And the area of attack is now diminished about as much as other AoE
Crusader - Divine Wrath - Trix Mon, 28 Nov 2016 16:25:51 PST
The damage output from Divine Wrath has been lowered.
Resurrect-like skills - Ghyath Mon, 28 Nov 2016 14:43:22 PST
They no longer provide experience.
Earth wu love! - Chaitan Mon, 28 Nov 2016 13:11:36 PST
Earth wu-jen has for a long time had the worst defense of all spheres
which is weird because earth is often envisioned as the defense element.
Their spells have long been adjusted to not be as powerful as fire or
lightning but they never got the defense to compensate.

Whenever the question popped up, I said I wanted to make a slightly
different fix, than just give them a shield or up the defense. That
fix took way too long but finally it's here!

* Read between the lines. You may choose to skip picking the spell Golem.
However it is strongly recommended for pure earth wu's.

* Wu-jen now takes much less damage if these conditions apply.
- no shield (note: stoneskin counts as PROTECTION, not SHIELD).
- golem up.
- earth sphere level 5 or more (less damage the more you have).

* Damage not taken by player is transferred to the golem.
(but it must pass through AC, so it's not a direct 1:1 ratio).

* Golems now heal from all sources of PETRIFY damage so beware.

* Petrify spell can now be cast on your own golem.
Wu-love! - Chaitan Thu, 24 Nov 2016 13:32:28 PST
Creatures are no longer extra resistant vs blast, incinerate and

Incinerate has been increased from 90% spellevel to 95% spellevel.

I'm trying out a different resistance formula on fireball, incinerate,
lightning-bolt, icestorm, petrify, blast, coldfire, tectonic shift
which overall raises damage slightly and makes the spells scale better
at hero level.

Mageweapons last longer, doesn't get weaker over time and deal about
twice as much damage as before.

/Chaitan makes a sudden appearance!
Thieves and Thugs (Backstab and Bludgeon) - Trix Thu, 24 Nov 2016 00:40:33 PST
Original idea: Onix

Thieves and thugs have learned to utilize their party members through
experience with the growing brotherhood of thieves. Party members now act
as distractions, allowing thieves and thugs to backstab and bludgeon while
in combat. This only works if your party members are present and party
damage is on. This should help make them more appealing to party with and
thus not left out in the cold.
Re: Twisted Ring - Darkpoole Wed, 23 Nov 2016 09:33:26 PST
On Sat Nov 19 09:08:44 2016, Darkpoole wrote:
> Now that ring of change gives +10 int, I've changed the twisted ring to
> give +15 magic at the cost of 10 constitution.
In addition to this, The Elder Gods will only allow you to wear 1 twisted
ring at a time now, and the int bonus to ring of change, differs when you
have a twisted ring on you.
Paladin NPCs - Trix Mon, 21 Nov 2016 21:23:50 PST
Paladin NPCs will now summon and ride their horses. They can now also be
recruited as riders. (see: help ride)
Twisted Ring - Darkpoole Sat, 19 Nov 2016 09:08:44 PST
Now that ring of change gives +10 int, I've changed the twisted ring to
give +15 magic at the cost of 10 constitution.

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