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One of Tsunami's most original and oldest concepts is that of wars. Periodically Tsunami will fall into warfare mode where players are pitted against each other in all out battles for supremecy. About every 4 hours a war can be voted on (use the wartime command to see how long until the next vote). Players vote for whether they would like a war and if, successful, the MUD then has a 5 minute warning period and then shuts down. Tsunami comes back up in warfare mode.

In war mode players again vote for what kind of war they want to participate in: individual, team, or leader. In individual wars, it is a free for all. Team wars automatically pick teams and attempts to balance them to achieve the best competition. Finally, leader wars pick the top players online and assign them the duty of picking their own team.

Wars are fought on a battlefield. There are several types of battlefields that they can occur on and one is chosen randomly each time a war starts. These can either be MAP, MUD, or FIELD wars. The MAP war is a specialized area with shops, items you can find, and even mini-quests you can do while warring! The MUD war is nothing more than a war taking place on the Tsunami MUD - find and use all the tricks you know of! The FIELD war is a simple gridded war where it's easy to get about and there is nothing but a clear field - think of a Roman collesium.

The rules of warfare require some getting used to. The links below can help guide a prospective warrior in the ways to best prepare themselves for battle.

Top War List: List of the top war players
War FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions
War Hints: Tips for warring
War Items: Items available for purchase during wars
Purchase Points: The method of buying war items
The Vortex: An easy way to find your foe
TWars: Tsunami Wars (also knows as while-booted wars)