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Quests of Tsunami

In the land of Tsunami, you are rewarded for completing the various quests of the realm. The reward is calculated as a bonus to the experience you earn as a player. Below is a current listing of all the Quests currently available in the world of Tsunami. To get more information on a specific quest, click on the specific quest.

Quest NameCreatorPointsSug. Level
Exploring DalariaNether5Any
Exploring Middle EarthNether8Any
Exploring BaroviaNether13Any
Exploring GladstadtNether19Any
Exploring IslandsNether20Any
Myst IslandUzziel60Any
Explorer ChallengeMagius and Akio90Any
Invasion Smash and BashMagius100Any
Brett Fordon's HitlistChaitan100Any
Newbie ButcherTraveller51
Monster Bashing!Traveller51
Rogues are Good at Hiding ThingsMobius51
The Disappearance of Brother CampbellRazan51
Smurf SlayerMercury61
Horror Newbie QuestTraveller101
Rescue the Dragon eggsTraveller101
Fight for the Fighter's GuildTraveller101
Serve the MotherTraveller101
Freedom of the PhoenixTraveller101
Freeing the LivingTraveller101
The Lamp of NightmaresNether201
Placate the Lichen KingFingolfin301
Become the Bounty Hunter InsideTraveller5001-30+
King Proteus's CrownFingolfin202
Free the TreesTraveller73
Popcorn QuestOblivion103
Arta 'Vypers BanishmentDmx203
Greenberry ExperimentDixon303
Save our PicnicsTraveller84
Goblin BlatTraveller84
Clear the Kobold cavesTraveller84
ChaosRock ConquestQuigibo104
Dead DerrosTraveller95
Orc SlayerKane105
Bandit LordFingolfin105
Theft in BaroviaNether205
Lemming mayhemZatan106
Feed the GnutteaterTraveller116
Marble PitMagius107
Forkus BaneQoole157
Dragon SlayerFlaggor207
The Rescue of Sally JenksDealer and Fingolfin207
Fight for the Gophers!Traveller128
Fight for the Crows!Traveller128
Kill those slimy LizardmenTraveller128
Porcine productsTraveller149
Blood in the waterTraveller149
War QuestFingolfin409
The Wrack and Ruin of NeverlandTraveller1510
Blood on the leavesTraveller1611
Cyclops KillerTraveller1611
Curse of the Ice DrakeLahjik1012
Lizard SlayerTraveller1612
Ghant KillerTraveller1712
Sanctify by BloodTraveller1712
Support the Chaldon WarTraveller1712
The University of MusicOrion2012
Mage TowerPunk3012
Murder on the Dance FloorTraveller1913
Tarzan's Missing LoveAristotle2013
The Dragon's amuletGogo and Dealer3013
Wyvern QuestFingolfin4013
Army of DurganObiwon4013
Support the Seralonian WarTraveller1914
Sack DraellanTraveller1914
The Witching HourNether2015
Massacre in LilethsparMercury2015
Hunger DreamsNether2015
The Sacking of RaederthMercury2015
Murder in TreyloreAngelfire2015
The Great Hunt for the PtyerionFingolfin3015
The Sorrow Of The ElvesMarisil4015
Restore PumpkinheadTraveller1016
Help the thieves of AristonTraveller2116
Chaldon AbductionsMarisil4016
Terror of TramtrisKrac4016
Panama IITraveller2217
Cleaning the Caves below TsunamiTraveller2217
DemonMaster's CurseTrampus3017
Jabberwocky QuestDealer4017
Gnomes of TulgeyOsberne5017
Punish the GypsiesTraveller2418
Bell of SaintsFlaggor3018
Forlond TraitorGotenks2019
Rid The Lands of The RuhksHaster2619
Ransack Rymalind's City guardMercury2619
Conquer WarcraftTraveller3019
Legend of ParadiseQued4019
Well of DarknessRozhkov5019
Secret of TalismanKane3020
Servant of the NothingGibgoo3020
Be Nice Until It's Time to Not Be NiceBaratus3120
Destroy the DiamondsTraveller3120
World War DDarkpoole3520
Bugbear QuestCasimir4020
The Pride of MuharSalizarr5020
Nib-Shuggoth's QuestFingolfin7020
The Mystery of TalamportRazan8020
Apocalypse GemDixon6021
Elder GodFingolfin7021
The Dreams of KarturFingolfin10021
Feed the worldTraveller3222
Storm Throad castleTraveller3322
Winter's HeartFingolfin10022
Ritual of SpringFingolfin12022
Shadow of All Night FallingFingolfin13022
The Road to ElysiaHadrian7023
Wererat HunterOrion9023
Lord of WarTraveller3524
Papusza's Peculiar PetitionNether10024
The Burgomeister's DisappearanceNether10024
Coliseum ChampionTraveller4025
The Heritage of AhzakMobius10025
Cleanse the AbyssOrion5026
Ritual of the MoonTraveller9026
Desecrate Dealer's DemesneTraveller5027
Valley daredevilZatan5028
Blood on the PlainsTraveller5028
Stop the Trollocs!Charac5028
The Restoration of SanityMercury10028
The Horror of LengFingolfin200Hero Party