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help > vortex
War Object   :   **  A Swirling Vortex  **
Syntax       :   go target - to go to a player
             :   enter vortex - to return through the vortex
Example      :   go anmoore

The swirling forces of magic have gathered together into a powerful 
vortex of energy.  This vortex twists the paths of the mortal realm
and allows brave users to follow the strands of magic from their 
current location to the location of any other player in the war. The
initial journey through the vortex can be undertaken without too 
much strain.  Attempting to travel back from a tendril to the main 
vortex, however, can be more taxing.  The vortex can also be tracked
using 'locate vortex' or 'locate vortex <number>' where the number
is how often, in rounds, the locator should report the location of
the vortex.  This can also be used for locating other players.

See also: war, war2, war3, and locate