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help > modifiers


For some spells, prayers and songs, a player can always attempt
to increase his/her chance of successfully casting/praying or
singing it by the use of a positive spell point modifier.

For example, cast blast +25 <target>.  The amount of modifier used
will add to the standard spell point cost for that spell/prayer or
song.  On the other hand the use of a negative modifier, e.g. 
"pray -10" will save the player some sps, but the chance of success
as well as its effectiveness will be decreased.

The maximum modifier for spells, prayers, and songs is equal to one
half of your base skill level in magic, religion, and singing respectively.
If your skill has no base skill, the the maximum modifier is equal to
twice your level plus twelve.
There is no negative modifier limit, but one will almost fail to 
succeed when doing a spell/prayer/song with a large negative 

Not every spell/prayer/song can be "adjustable" by sp modifiers.
And in some cases, the use of sp modifiers may have a different
effect than increasing the spell/prayer/song's success.
Please refer to the help on individual spell/prayer/song for 
more details.