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MageWar:The TimeWaster

Magewar: The TimeWaster is a card game designed to deprive you of 
your life.  The rules are quite simple, and learning is facilitated 
by the use of an ANSI capable client, as most of the game is color 
coded for the learning impaired.

Magewar is played against other players at the Magewar Center on Rymalind
Island.  It can be found at:

2e, 5s, 2e, 11s, sail rymalind, 4s, e, s

The Basics:
Your presence in the game is represented by your KEEP, if your KEEP
is reduced to 0, you die and are out of the game.  Your Keep is 
defended by the WALL.  The WALL will intercept all damage directed 
towards you except special damage cards which bypass the Walls defenses.

You are able to play cards based upon your available resources. There are
three resources in Magewar, and three resource generators.  An ORB (blue)
generates MANA.  A FARM (green) generates FOOD, while a QUARRY (red) 
generates STONE.  You will see that every card is color coded by the 
resource it takes to play it, except the special quest cards which will be
bordered in ansi magenta, those cards you have to look at the resource 
indicator to see what they cost to play.

The Cards:
|M:8 [ U]|
|Cast Aid|
|  ----  |
|Add 5 to|
|   All  |
|  Enemy |
| Keeps, |
| Gain 5 |
|Stone, 5|
|Food per|
|  Enemy |

This card, for example costs 8 Mana to play (M:8), it is an Uncommon card,
([U]), it is called Cast Aid, and when you play it, it will add 5 to all 
your enemies keeps, but give you 5x the number of your enemies in stone 
and food resources.

The cheapest cards cost 0 resources to play, while the most expensive 
cost 25.

You are randomly assigned a starting position, on your turn you may play
whatever cards you have according to whatever strategy you desire. The
ultimate goal of course is to win.  You may also chose to discard a card 
instead of playing.  If your deck runs out of cards you may continue to 
play until you have no valid moves, if this occurs, you die.  You have 
seven cards in your hand, and you will draw to full at the end of your 
turn.  You play by simply typing "play #", or if a target is required, 
"play # TARGET".

There are 3 criterion of victory.  Eliminate all players Keeps, build your
Keep to a certain power, or accumulate a certain number of resources.  The
alternate criterion for victory are established at the start of the game by
the game difficulty.  This difficulty also sets the starting # of generators
and resources per person.

EASY: Keep = 75,  a Resource = 75
HARD: Keep = 100, a Resource = 125
IMPOSSIBLE: Keep = 150, a resource = 200

A game may be designated as a CARNAGE game in which case no victory by 
keep or resource is allowed.

You can design your own custom deck from cards in your collection, no help 
in this doc about that.

  You can see most commands either by "read instructions" in a Magewar Game 
  or by "l album".

  Some of the more important commands are:

   to start a game enter "start # [e|h|i] [c]"
   ie start 2 e c would be a 2 player easy game with caranage flag
   start 6 i would be a 6 player impossible game
   a mximum of 6 players

   shows current game statistics, for example:

*[ Fingolfin   ] KEEP( 15/0 ) WALL( 10) MANA( 10/2 ) FOOD( 10/2 ) STONE( 10/2 )
 [     Homey   ] KEEP( 15/0 ) WALL( 10) MANA( 10/2 ) FOOD( 10/2 ) STONE( 10/2 )

     Note: Mana ( 10/2 ) means I have 10 mana in storage and 2 orbs generating 
           mana each turn, so next turn Ill have 12/2.
           Keep ( 15/0 ) denotes the fact I have 15 keep, and no current 
           magical shielding.

   allows you to quit the game on your turn

   displays your hand

   You may buy an album for 10,000 coins at the Magewar Annex in Rymalind.  
   The album allows you to begin collecting cards and organizing them into 
   decks that you can play.  The minimum size of a deck is 100 cards.

   At the Magewar Annex, you can offer a card for sale, or purchase a card 
   from a fellow player to augment your deck!

   While you may collect an infinite # of cards, when building a deck to 
   play, you may include a maximum of 5 of a Common card, 4 of an Uncommon, 
   3 Rare, 2 Very Rare, and 1 Uber Rare card.  However, when you build a 
   deck you may assign a single card to more than one deck!  So, once you 
   have that Vermithrax card, you can assign it to several of your decks, 
   however you cannot have more than 1 Vermithrax card per deck!

   You must set which deck you currently wish to use, you do so with the
   "ddef" command.

Gaining Cards:
   You gain cards by killing NPCs, or by completeing quests.  Every quest 
   has its own unique quest card that is significantly more powerful than 
   a card of equivalent resource cost.  When you complete a quest, that card
   will appear in your album.  When you kill an NPC there is a chance that 
   you will gain a card, the higher the level of the NPC, the greater the % 
   chance the card will be increasingly more rare.
   Additionally, killing a NPC that is native to an unfrequently used area 
   increases the chance that the card will be more rare!  For example, it is 
   only possible for a fungus cow to generate a common card and it will do so
   infrequently, however, killing a snarg, a much less "hunted" area, will 
   have a higher % chance of getting a card including an uncommon card even 
   though the snarg and fungus cow are the same level NPC!