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help > weapons

There are nine basic types of weapons (excluding the natural weaponry
of monsters and special weapons used for quests) on Tsunami. They are
listed below:

2-hsword  (2 handed)
bow       (2 handed)
polearm   (2 handed)
staff     (2 handed)
spear     (2 handed)

Most weapons impose some sort of strength requirement in order to
wield. This can be calculated as the weight of a weapon multiplied by
10 and reduced by 10. E.g. a sword of weight 8 would take 70 strength
to wield. You can check the weight of a weapon by using 'i weight'.

As noted, some weapons require two hands, which restricts the user
from using a shield or offwielding (dual-wielding) another weapon. The
remainder of the weapons listed are one-handed weapons.

Most weapons fit the above category, and can be accessed by using
either the weapons name, an alias, the type of weapon (bow or dagger),
or just 'weapon'.

If you have two swords in your inventory, and want to wield the second
one, you can type 'wield sword 2' to wield that sword.  The numbers
are used in the order items are listed in the inventory, so the weapon
on the top of the list is the first weapon accessed.

For example, if this was your inventory:

a large curved bow
a small short sword
a small mace
a quarter staff

and you wanted to wield the mace, you could do so in one of the
following ways:

'wield weapon 3'
'wield mace'
'wield small mace' (assuming that 'small mace' is a valid alias for

See also: mark, inventory, wield, unwield, offwield