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help > permit
syntax:  permit <who> <action>

Some skills and spells require the target to be willing. You can
indicate that you are a willing target of <action> from <who> by
using this command.

Among the current uses are:
permit foo ride     - allows Foo to ride you as a steed (using the
                      ride skill). Really only useful to dragons,
                      unicorns, and centaurs.

permit foo steer    - allows Foo to steer if he is riding you.

permit foo summon   - allows Foo to summon\compel you with a spell
                      or prayer without it being considered an
                      aggressive act.

                      (NOTE: the person you should 'permit' is the
                      one casting the summon spell. If this is a
                      charmed NPC, use the NPC's name.)

permit foo compel   - interchangeable with 'permit foo summon'.

permit foo light    - allows Foo to pray orb on you without it
                      being considered aggressive.

permit foo dark     - allows Foo to cast/prey darkness on you
                      without it being considered aggressive.

permit foo cutecurse  - allows Foo to cast a cute curse on you 
                        without going aggressive when doing so.

permit foo resurrect  - allows Foo to resurrect you.  You can
                        replace 'foo' with 'everyone' to 
                        allow anyone to resurrect you.

You may also permit:

feykill, dispel, link, spellsteal, songsteal (fetches),
guidance, cutecurse, view, smoke, pkfight, stfu

See also:
   unpermit, permitlist,
   skill ride, spell summon, prayer compel.
   spell cute curse.