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|Karaveth, the Lord of the Middle Dark                         |
|Great is the Dark Lord whose name I will not even speak, for  |
|to do so is to attract his infernal attention.  The Dark Lord | 
|came late to the Jihad and quickly formed an alliance with    |
|other Lords of evil intent.  The Pantheon named itself the    |
|Shadow Lords, and they walked through the third millennia     |
|like giants among the other Powers.                           |
|                                                              |
|The Shadow Lords believe in evolution through destruction.    |
|Ordered Evil on a massive scale, they ruled with an iron fist |
|and expected unquestioned obedience, and the Dark Lord        |
|was foremost and fairest of them with his soft words and warm |
|smile beguiling even some of the White Knights of Everen      |
|to join his cause.                                            |
|							       |
|Then, the Dark Lord struck.  In a Jihad within a Jihad, he    |
|betrayed and murdered the other members of his Pantheon and   |
|assumed the sole power of the now extinct Shadow Lords.       |
|                                                              |
|Now, the Lord of the Middle Dark stands as one of the six     |
|remaining, and mighty enough to stand on his own without      |
|benefit of alliance or Pantheon.                              |
|                                                              |
|Were the Dark Lord to gain supremacy in the Jihad, the Realms |
|would surge forward immediately under his iron fist, progress |
|gained and no cost spared, even his Dark followers willingly  |
|die at his command to bring his dark dream to fruition.       |
| 							       |
|                                                              |
|                          To this Writ I set my Hand,         |
|                          Jarrod Melshimber, Servant of Truth,|
|                          Witness of the Ages, and            |
|                          Seer of Kyldiss.                    |