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help > parties
Players can form parties with other players.  All members of a party
will share the experience gained when one party member kills a
monster.  The experience is given out proportionally based on the
members' levels, and then adjusted as follows.  Due to the party
advantage, the experience is first reduced to 80% of the initial
amount.  However, to encourage closer player cooperation, this base
amount is then increased by 30% for each party member, but only
assuming that party members belong to jihad factions which get along
well--otherwise, the 30% per member bonus could be significantly
smaller.  See 'help jihad2' for more information on jihad faction

For example, suppose a harmonious party of 3 level 1 players and one
level 2 player kills a monster worth 1,000 experience.  The level 2
player will first get his proportional share of 400 experience points.
This amount will be reduced to 80%, or 320 points.  Then, since there
are 4 players in the party, the level 2 player will finally gain 220%
of that amount (100% + 30% * 4), or 704 experience points.

Party members do not have to be in the same room as the killing player
in order to receive this experience, as the award of experience is
automatic.  However, the out-of-room players' experience gain will be
drastically smaller.
You can form parties at any time anywhere in the game, but to join a
party you must be in the same room as a party member.
To collect exp from someone in your party, your level difference can
only be an effective maximum of 4.99. 6 or above and you will be
unable to join the party; anything over 5.00 and you will not gain
experience for kills.
See also: party, formation