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help > bury
-=-=-=-[ help bury ]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=--=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

The Cleric class (see:  help cleric) may receive a small restoration of
HP and SP by respectfully burying the corpses of fallen NPCs or players.
This is done via the [bury corpse] command.  They receive the same
benefit as other humanoid classes that eat corpses via the [eat corpse]
command (see:  help eat).

bury corpse
bury corpse 3 (bury the third corpse)
bury all corpse (bury all corpses you're allowed to bury)
bury 3 corpse (bury 3 valid corpses)

During wars, burying the corpses of fallen players will confer a much
larger heal than normal.  NPCs will not leave corpses when they die
during wars.