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|The Mother of All							|
|The Mother is the last sole survivor of the great DreamWars, which	|
|devastated the old Powers.  HER powers and might seem less tied to	|
|the belief of mortals than the other Powers.  There are some that	|
|say SHE was, and is, and will be.  That HER powers come from the 	|
|belief of the very Realm itself, and as such, are not subject to the	|
|whims and fancy of the combatants in the celestial Jihad.		|
|									|
|Nonetheless, the Mother of All has devout followers within the realms,	|
|and SHE freely blesses all those who join her cause.  But HER way is	|
|strict, for SHE demands absolute adherance to the natural Laws which	|
|SHE supposedly laid down at the foundation of the World.  One is	|
|infinitely free to do as one wishes for good or ill as long as it is 	|
|done within the rigid confines of the Laws of Nature.			|
|									|
|I do not know the truth of the claims of HER origin, but I do know that|
|even at the heights of their power, the great DreamWeavers who could	|
|shape reality to their very whim, did so with great care and adherence |
|to what they called a Higher Natural Law of Existance.  Whether that in|
|some manner refers to HER Law, I do not know.  But the fact that	|
|SHE is one of the Old Powers and one of the last six of the present 	|
|Jihad, and SHE has not sought the refuge of a Pantheon indicates great |
|and subtle Power.							|
|									|
|Of all the factions, it might be said that the followers of the Mother	|
|actually receive the least aid or blessings from HER.  It is as if SHE |
|is content to accept the worship, but does not reward it.  But, SHE is |
|swift to punish all who oppose HER Laws.				|
|									|
|									|
|                               To this Writ I set my Hand,		|
|                               Jarrod Melshimber, Servant of Truth,	|
|                               Witness of the Ages, and		|
|                               Seer of Kyldiss.			|