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help > mail
New and Improved Tsunami Mailreader

To send mail to a player at the post office (all east of mainland shop) type
mail player IE: mail wildcat

Command Mode:  Most of the mailers commands are accessed by typing mail then
getting the "mail: " prompt list of commands:

n	Read next message
r	Respond to the current message including any of the CCs
R	Respond to the current message privately
h	Look at the next 20 messages
f	Forward the current message
q	Save and exit
x	Just exit
z	Show the headers of the next 10 messages
d	Delete message
?	This file

In addition all of these commands work with ranges, for example:
d3-4	Delete messages 3 and 4

See Also: addmailalias, deletemailalias, listmailalias