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help > quests


By completing quests, players can earn an experience point reward
bonus.  This bonus takes shape in the form of an extra percentage
of exp earned above normal, based on the amount of quest points
they have.  A maximum reward of 30% experience above normal earnings
is achieved with 100% quest completion.

For some quests, you will get a notification that your quest status has
been updated by seeing the text
	'Your progress in the quest 'QUESTNAME' has been updated.'

You can type 'quest status' to see the statuses of any quest, or 
'quest status QUESTNAME' to see the status of that particular quest. 

We currently have a few different kinds of quests, as listed below.

Kill quests
	Kill quests are very simple in nature. You must kill a certain number
	monsters in one login to complete the quest. See help killquest.

Puzzle quests

	Puzzle quests are as the name suggests, puzzles. Players must complete
	puzzles of varying difficulties to complete the quest. Most puzzle
	quests involve killing to some degree also.
Ranked quests

	Ranked quests can be both kill and puzzle quests. But the difference
	is that there are various stages of completion. Ranked quests come in 
	many varieties.  Some ranked quests are quests that can be completed 
	in stages over boots.  Others are quests like Brett Fordon's Hitlist, 
	in which you gain quest points in Tsunami's metagames.  You may also 
	see ranked quests that have multiple endings worth different values.

The 'quest' command will allow you to both view your current
bonus, as well as view the listing of quests and the details of
each quest.  See 'help quest' for the syntax.

see also: actions, bonus, exploring, hints, quest bonus, quest