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SKELETON (undead subclass)
Traditionally, skeletons were raised by powerful wizards and other 
evil magicks to guard locations and items. But sometimes, those whose 
souls were powerfully tied with their body didn't follow mindlessly 
and would leave in pursuit of their own destiny.  As a result of 
their own free will, they are not bound to any master, but a side
effect of the spell used to reanimate them causes skeletons to forever
be in search of battle, scorning the weak and engaging any foe
within their reach.  The thrill of battle is an ambrosia to them,
and weaker skeletons cannot tear themselves away from a fight.  Even
the most powerful of skeletons will feel weak whenever they are not
tearing into an enemy.
With no blood or muscle to speak of, skeletons are heavily resistant 
to poisons.
A defeated opponent gets no respect from an undead warrior, and as a 
sign of contempt, the skeleton will rip the skull from his fallen foes.
A skeleton will probably find this a most rewarding experience.
These skulls are generally used as a focus for a skeleton's powers, and
many use them to construct a fearsome throne, from which the combined
power of their vanquished enemies' souls can be tapped directly from
the underworld.  They also often carry their trophies with them on a
"trophy bandolier" so that they have a few of their favorite victim's
skulls ready for sudden wars, or battles.
* A skeleton will automatically remove a skull when it eats a corpse.
* The skeleton's throne room can be found w from the undead board room
* Throne recall is only granted after level 12
* For more information about skeleton thrones see "help skeleton.thrones"
Skeletons have the following skills:
2-hsword            attacking           awareness           axe
battle cry          bow                 crush               combat
deanimation         equipment           gravemeld           hellarmour     
hellweapon          host                intimidate          mace       
resistance          skull command       sword               toughness
throne recall       totem

Skeletons have the following resistance adjustments:
Cold, Drain                          : +25
Poison                               : +75
Blunt                                : -30
Holy, Light                          : -20
Cleave                               : -30
Pierce, Bow                          : +20
Slash                                : +10
Skeleton stats:
Strength                             : 100
Dexterity                            : 125
Intelligence                         : 100
Constitution                         : 75