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help > skills > breathe
Skill        :   Breathe
Class        :   Red, Blue, Green, and Faerie Dragons
Cost         :   25 sps plus modifier
Skill Type   :   Poison, Fire and Electric Damage
Casting Time :   1 Round
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Mostly Constitution

Syntax       :   do breathe [mod] [all] [<target>]
                 do breathe [mod] foes      
                 do breathe [mod] enemy

Examples     :   do breathe
                 do breathe +10
                 do breathe all
                 do breathe -5 all lemming
                 do breathe foes
                 do breathe +50 enemy

Dragons are well known for their breath weapons, and hence comes
the skill breathe.  What color dragon you are decides what damage
type your breath weapon will do.  The different types are lighting,
fire,  poison,  etc.  Dragons can breathe on a select opponent(s), 
or can just blast the room with their breath weapon.

Faerie Dragons should see 'help skills faerie_breathe'

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