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BEASTMASTER (native subclass)

Long before civilized man appeared in Tsunami, native tribesmen had long 
mastered the wilds of the various lands.  These men, the Beastmasters,
shunned even tribal culture to spend their lives in communion with the 
beasts of Tsunami.  As a result, these natives have quite literally 
'become one' with the lands' animals.  This empathetic bond Beastmasters 
share with wildlife is a source of great prowess.  Such pure harmony 
between a Beastmaster and his animal brothers allows them to send and 
receive raw emotion to and from each other.

Beastmasters prefer to live as much as possible like their animal
friends, and thus cannot wear boots, gloves, or helms.


Beastmasters have the following skills:

2-hsword           animality          attacking          awareness          
band               bond               bow                combat
companion          destruct           detect             finish
heart              implore            locate             mace
observe            quickheal          resistance         ride
skin               spear              sword              toughness

NOTE: Centaur Beastmasters do not receive the ride skill, but being
half-animal themselves already, receive +30 to the bond skill.


Beastmaster stats:

Strength                        : 100
Dexterity                       : 120
Intelligence                    : 60
Constitution                    : 120


Beastmasters have the following resistances:

Bite                            : +10
Claw                            : +10
Stinger                         : +10
Poison                          : +20