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help > spells > teleportation
Spell        :   Teleportation
Class        :   Evoker
Ward Values  :   Warp 25
Cost         :   30-60 for remote, 15-30 for local, variable for forms
Syntax       :   cast teleportation [who] <to where>
		 cast teleportation summon <who>
		 cast teleportation <form> <to where>

Teleportation is an evoker effect type; unlike other effect types, it can
be cast either by itself or in combination with an evoker form. The different
combinations have the following effects:

cast teleportation [who] to <where>
    Teleports [who] to a destination. Where can be a room exit, a teleport
    location, or another person; the first is local, the others remote. Cost
    varies with type and number of targets, as follows:
    Local: 15(one), 20(two), 23(three), 24(four), 25(five), 30 (max)
    Remote: 30(one), 40(two), 45(three), 48(four), 50(five), 60 (max)
    You may specify 'random' for a random room exit.
    You may target other people, or multiple targets, but targets must be
    willing (party member, npc ally, permit teleportation).
    Difficulty: 5 x sp cost.
cast teleportation summon <who>
    Teleports [who] to your current room. Considered a hostile act, unless 
    the target is willing (same as above). Cost is the same as remote teleport.
    If you know multitarget, you can summon multiple names, or "all X".
    Difficulty: 5 x sp cost, or resistance/2 + sp cost
cast teleportation setdest <name>
    Memorizes a teleportation destination. Cost is 30
cast teleportation cleardest <name>
    Deletes a memorized location.
cast teleportation <form> <form args> to <where>
    Creates an offensive teleport effect.  May be cast at any effect value,
    but if effect value is lower than the normal cost for the desired range
    (15 for room exits, 30 for distant locations) the target is only moved
    if random(normal cost) < (effect value).
See also: metamagic