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help > spells > powersink
Spell        :   Powersink
Class        :   Sorcerer
Cost         :   10 <+ modifier>
Casting time :   instant
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Syntax       :   cast powersink <modifier> <target>
Example      :   cast powersink +50 mertis

Powersink allows the Sorcerer to strain the mystical link between
a spellcaster and his source of power.  This results in the
target having to spend additional sps to obtain the same

When cast at a target when they begin casting a spell or doing
a skill, powersink costs them an additional number of spell points
based on the success of the spell.  If the target is unable to pay 
this amount, his spell points are reduced to 0 and the spell fails.

This spell can be cast quietly.
May 00 Dokken