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help > spells > multitarget
Spell        :   Multitarget
Class        :   Evoker
Cost         :   N/A
Syntax       :   passive, see examples below

The multitarget metaspell permits targeting several targets with one spell.
You don't need to actually specify this metaspell; it will be used 
automatically if you have it. Multitarget allows the following syntax:
all          :   every valid target
all X        :   every valid target IDing to X
foes         :   everyone attacking you, or who you are attacking
npcs         :   all ownerless NPCs
pcs          :   all player characters
party        :   your current party, plus your and their allies.
n1, n2, ..   :   a list of targets. May include the above; i.e. foes, X

Multitarget applies to the following spells: bolt, teleportation, ward, wall.
It is neither used nor needed for explosion. Multitarget spells have reduced
effect on all targets.
See also: metamagic