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help > skills > whiteout
Skill        :   whiteout
Class        :   Dragon (White)
Cost         :   20 spell points (plus modifiers)
Cancel Cost  :   2 spell points
Casting Time :   1 round
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Syntax       :   do whiteout <modifier> <target>
Examples     :   do whiteout trampus
                 do whiteout +56 adler
                 do whiteout all orc
                 do whiteout foes
                 do whiteout -3 cahlan

Whiteout is an ability for the White Dragons only.  This ability
is to be able to bring up snow and blind their foes with it.
While blinded, the opponent fights at a lower level and is more 
susceptible to attacks that require good awareness to defend