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help > skills > throes
Skill        :   Throes
Class        :   Cenobite
Cost         :   20
Casting Time :   1 round
Stats        :   Some Int, Some Con
Syntax       :   do throes
Examples     :   do throes
                 do throes all
                 do throes uzziel

The Cenobites delight in tormenting their foes, and no skill reflects
their sheer joy and jubilance at such activity more than their dreaded
Throes.  By means of this skill, the Cenobite causes nerve endings to
sear with pain, wracking the central nervous system of their target
with involuntary convulsions.  Victims of this horrible skill have
reported that the feeling is akin to being viciously stabbed,
repeatedly, from the inside out.

In effect, a victim of the Throes will have a few of their more
critical abilities hampered, as they fight to struggle through the
pain and continue battling

The Throes are not stackable.