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help > skills > single-strike
Skill Name   : Single-Strike
Sublasses    : Samurai
Cost         : 20 + 2/round for at most 9 more rounds
Use Time     : 2 round
Syntax       : do single-strike <target>
Examples     : do single-strike
               do single-strike sansai

Only the focus and balance known by a samurai is capable of generating
this marvelous feat of combat ability.  A samurai can engage his or her
opponent in a duel whose outcome will take the life of one or both
participants in a single, masterful strike.

The resolve and force of will of the samurai is such that the opponent
of the samurai will be frozen briefly as he is subjected to the sudden
flow of chi.  Any others in combat with the two duelists will be
brushed aside by the karmic power of such a contest.

As the duel begins, both participants will begin to focus their chi
in preparation for the eventual single moment of clarity which will
decide the fate of both duelists.

At any point in the duel, either duelist can embrace his or her own
weakness or dishonor by fleeing or attacking before the time that fate
has destined.  Such action will always result in the victory of the
the more balanced duelist.

Should any outside person interfere with such an honorable duel, he
or she will find the karmic retribution to be most unsettling for such
a dishonorable act.

The act of calling upon such reserves of chi are quite draining for the
samurai.  The honorable warrior will be unable to initiate such a focus
of power for a short time afterwards.  However, this in no way demeans
the ordinary combat prowess of the samurai.