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help > skills > romance
Skill        :   Romance
Class        :   Swashbuckler
Cost         :   20 sp
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   2 rounds
Stats Base   :   Mostly Int, Some Dex, Some Con
Syntax       :   do romance <target>
Examples     :   do romance spooky
Being dashing heroes, swashbucklers are well trained 
in the arts of romance.  Use of this ability to woo 
someone of the opposite sex (or in the case of the 
other gender, another other) can result in the object 
of the swashbuckler's affection becoming completely 
smitten with the daring warrior.  However, even the 
swashbuckler's charming smile and sweet innuendo 
will not cause any desire in monstrous or horrific 

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