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help > skills > link
Cost         :   0
Syntax       :   do link <target>

Link allows the user to meld with the mind of the subject.  In
such harmony, the controller of the link can 'tap' or 'imbue'
the mental energies of the subject.  Even against a hostile mind, the
subject's mental reserves can be sensed if not tapped.

Once a link is proposed, the following commands are available:
    break <link>:<target>  - Terminates the connection.
    sense                  - Sense the minds of all links.

The following commands are also available once accepted:
    tap <target> <amt>     - Drain <amt> sps from <target>.
    imbue <target> <amt>   - Send <amt> sps to <target>.

Note that your skill level determines both whom you can link
with as well as how many sps can be transferred.