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help > skills > adaptation
Skill        :   Adaption
Cost         :   20
Stats        :   Constitution
Syntax       :   do adaptation
Examples     :   do adaptation
             :   do adaptation list (shows your current adaptation)

The adaptation skill causes the user to adapt to whatever has recently
damaged him, becoming substantially resistant to the type of damage 
inflicted. The total resistance you gain is based on the damage you 
have actually taken, and is limited by your skill. Adaptation does not 
give perfect immunity; at best, it will reduce damage by half, and the 
actual benefit is usually smaller. Your damage adaptation fades after two
minutes, and you cannot adapt to damage more than 2 minutes old. If you
use adaptation while already adapting, your resistances are recalculated 
and the new value replaces the old.

The mods command will reveal total defense; adaptation list only shows
defense from adaptation.