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The creatures of the Fey were brought into being by Nature in 
order to combat the increasing disregard that the elder races had 
for Nature.  Humans, Dragons, Monsters, Dwarves, and even the 
Elves have lost their way and desecrate the Earth that gives them 

In her Rage, Nature has spawned the Fey creatures, the Ent,
Unicorn, Will o' Wisp, the Sirene, the Sylph, and the Changeling.

All Fey creatures must start at level 1.  All Fey creatures have 
the quintessence skill.  Note: Fey may only party with Mother Of 
All beings.  If a Fey even attempts to join in a party with any 
other faction, the Mother may strike the blasphemer. The Fey 
guild is unified and no member shall attack another member or 
risk the Mother's wrath.

To play an Ent, Sirene, Sylph, Wisp or Unicorn, players have to 
begin from level 1 and choose the Fey class on creation. Players 
wishing to become a Changeling will have to convert a hero Fey 
to the subclass, consistent with other prestige subclasses.

You will be transported to the guild to select the appropriate 

Fey must join the Mother of All faction for the jihad.  They have 
no choice but to worship the Mother.

The Fey Guild is located: 2e, 5s, 2e, 2n, sail dixton, 4s, 2u, 2s, 
sw, s, sw, s, 4w, sw, s, sw, 2s, 4se, cross stream, w, down, east
from the Center of Mainland Town.
Fey receive the following combat adjustments based on terrain:

Town 	-10	Building      -10	Road      -5     
Cemetery -5     Cultivated     -5       Ship      -5
Bridge   -5     Dimension      -5        
They receive a +5 bonus in all other terrain types

All fey subclasses have the terrain modifiers of the fey race.