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WARLORD (fighter subclass)
The warlord is the leader of men. They create armies of mercenaries
with which they take on the world. Though not a great fighter, the
warlord has some fighting ability but relies upon his army to do
the bulk of his damage. The warlord comes with a steed as they are
required to be seen to give orders during combat. The warlord also
comes with their own personal servant, or squire. 

The warlord has limited skills in combat, limited to combat and
various weapon skills, but has army wide skills to use such as
tactics and command. He can also recruit npc fighters or those of
his race into his army by use of the enlist skill.

The warlord is also able to rally his troops to greater glory by
reciting an inspiration speech.

The warlord needs to be smart to out think his opponents and as such
requires more on his intelligence than other fighters.
By itself the warlord is quite weak, but with their full army can be
a formidable foe.
Warlords have the following skills:

bow              sword              mace                2-hsword
staff            awareness          toughness           resistance
combat           squire             steed               ride
enlist           tactics            command             speech
attacking        compare            train               encampment
Warlords receive the following modifiers to skills:

2-hsword:                       : -10
bow:                            : -10
mace:                           : -10
spear                           : -10
staff:                          : -10
sword:                          : -10
Warlord stats:

Strength                        : 90
Dexterity                       : 110
Intelligence                    : 120
Constitution                    : 80