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SPY (Thief Prestige Subclass)
A Spy lives a life undercover and can extract information from potential
targets.  Their ultimate goal is to capture territory and maintain control
of it.  A Spy has many ways to defeat his enemies, but foolish would the Spy
be to charge head-on into combat, they rely on subterfuge and attacks from
the shadows - employing poisoning and other methods to wear away at
potential foes.

The Spy subclass is full of trials and tribulations and is not for the weak
of heart.  The exploration and capture of territory is key and
'help skills infiltrate' should be familiarised before playing a Spy
- without territory a Spy will be at a serious disadvantage.

Once a Spy has gained control over a significant proportion of Tsunami they 
will be a powerful adversary able to manipulate the weak and mimic the

If you wish to become a Spy you will need to be a hero level thief (any sub) and
complete all tasks from Shilanda near the Thief guild.  Just ask her about

Spies have the following skills:

awareness            combat             dagger            backstab
resistance           stealth            disguise          make
scout                infiltrate         sleight           offhand

A Spy gains the following skills at the indicated level:

  11: poison                15: anticipate            18: loyalty                 
19+1: interrogate         19+2: assassinate         19+3: manipulate    
19+4: mimic               19+6: subvert  
Spy stats:

Strength                        : 70
Dexterity                       : 140
Intelligence                    : 130
Constitution                    : 60