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   [ Necromancer ]

Necromancers are the oft feared and pitied results of mortal curiosity
gone beyond the mortal realm.  An unholy need to delve into the
secrets of the grave and the power of the tortured spirit draws these
powerful mages ever closer to the death they find so intriguing.

While most good men and women would turn their back on such a mage
with a hasty 'good riddance!' they err by failing to realize that a
dead necromancer is often the one to be feared the most.  Legends and
myths are frequently whispered of the fate of those Necromancers who
step beyond life and live in darkness as a Lich.

By neglecting their corporeal shells for the walking tombs that they
are, necromancers become one of the most physically weak circle of
the mage guild.  Do not let their sickly forms deceive you, however,
for the mind of a necromancer is as strong as his body is weak.

Necromancers get +10 magic in graveyards for obvious reasons.
Necromancers have the following skills:

awareness            combat           dagger           staff
magic                resistance
Necromancers also have the following spells:

skeleton             undeath          lich (level 19)  gravebind
spectre              reanimate        shadow           deathward
death                hand             dark             gate (level 5)
summon (level 5)
Necromancer stats:

Strength                        : 40
Dexterity                       : 100
Intelligence                    : 160
Constitution                    : 100