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AMAZON (native subclass)
Women have only recently begun to gain stature in the
native clan.  They look down upon men as inferior and
can be justified since their prowess in combat somewhat
overshadows that of barbarians.  However, they are not as
versatile as their gender opposites.

The amazon women are quite proficient in both hand-to-hand
and archery.  Following the barbarian ways, they have learned 
to run vast distances in short amounts of time and to engage 
stalwart opponents in battle.

They have learned to ignore pain; this a result of generations
of child-bearing and self-mutilation.

Amazon women tend to become quite hostile, even downright
hateful when their cycle comes circle.  It would be wise
to stay away from an amazon in this state.

Amazons have the following skills:

destruct           pillage             staff             locate
run                attacking           detect            awareness
toughness          band                resistance        engage
bow                dagger              axe               combat
mace               flail               quickheal         guts
skin               mutilation          warcry            spear
Amazon stats:

Strength                        : 100
Dexterity                       : 140
Intelligence                    : 60
Constitution                    : 100