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PALADIN (fighter subclass)
Paladins are the chosen warriors of the gods.  They have 
dedicated their lives to the advancement of their religion.
In the great Jihad, paladins represent the worldly incarnations
of the great powers fighting for control of the land. As with
the gods, paladins may represent powers of good or evil. 
Dedication to one of the Jihad factions is required in order for
a paladin to use prayers.  Paladins of every faction will gain extra
attacks by improving their Jihad standing, and the gods provide the
paladin with different special powers depending on the faction
selected.  Choose wisely, for in the end, only one faction will
be known as the true religion of Tsunami.
The deities grant their paladins certain powers to aid them
in their battle against the other factions:

NOTE: The Great Old Ones do not see the need for paladins

Everen, the Goddess of Light (No Danpiru)
        Representing the true light of love in the fight against evil,
        paladins of Everen will glow with the power of good that
        reveals all to them.  Their holy power also endows them with
        an increased ability to heal wounds.  Their great love of their
        patron god allows paladins of Everen to more easily enter a
        holy fervor.

Mother of All (Elves Only)
        The Mother is the very spirit of life in the land. SHE gives and
        SHE takes away.  For those that SHE loves, however, SHE is 
        more likely to give.  In the case of HER beloved paladins, SHE 
        will even give them the gift of life in cases when they would
        otherwise have fallen to the defilers.  

Gods of Many Faces
        The Gods of Many Faces see all and know all because they are
        everywhere.  These gods make up every aspect of life for their
        followers.  As such, there is a god for every environment and 
        situation.  Paladins that follow the Gods of Many Faces will thus
        gain resistance to the different elements of the land, as well as 
        the chaos that threatens the order of their lifestyle.  These 
        paladins will also find that with Ten Thousand gods at their back, 
        they will somehow find the strength to carry on, even when 
Karaveth, the Lord of the Middle Dark (No Elves)
        The Lord of the Middle Dark seeks to plunge all the lands into an
        ordered darkness which he would rule with an iron fist.  Karaveth's
        paladins radiate the darkness of their hearts, yet are able to see
        through to find targets.  These paladins will gain the power to heal
        with greater efficiency.  In addition, they will be more able to
        call upon the darkness to boost their unholy fervor.

Blood Lords (No Elves)
        These twisted gods spawn twisted paladins.  The paladins, so
        deformed by the evil bloodlust of The Blood Lords, are willing to 
        sacrifice the chance for healing wounds in order to spill more
        blood.  The Blood Lords meddle directly in the lives of their 
        followers, but are known to actually grab hold of their paladins 
        and give their arms the strength to hit harder with their weapons.

A paladin dedicates himself or herself to one of these Jihad factions
through the "holywar join <faction>" command.  For more help on the 
Jihad and the factions, see "help jihad" and "help jihad2". 
Paladins have the following skills:

polearm             attacking            toughness            judge
compare             2-hsword             axe                  awareness
mace                flail                resistance           sword
religion            combat               spear                steed
ride                might (lvl 15)
Paladins have the following prayers:

holy-word           cure                 lay hands             orb
fervor              divine shield        avenger
Paladin stats:

Strength                       : 110
Dexterity                      : 90
Intelligence                   : 90
Constitution                   : 110