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BABAU (monster subclass)
      (Blood Lords faction prestige subclass)
Babaus are great Tanar'ri that roam the layers of the Abyss collecting
lesser and least Tanar'ri to swell the ranks of the vast armies of the
Blood War.  These horrid creatures look much like great skeletons covered
with dark, form-fitting leather.  They have a great horn protruding
from the back of their skulls.  Babaus typically have long, wicked claws
covered with dirt, blood, and decaying flesh.  Their movements are very
quick, sharp, and mechanical; emphasizing their inhumanness as they walk
the foul Abyss.

Babaus are servants of the Blood Lords and as such are members of the 
Blood Lords jihad faction. Only devout members who have not previously
sought glory through other prestigious means are allowed the opportunity
to become Babau. Babau rise to the rank of general after serving
their gods well in life and doing their bidding throughout the planes of
existence.  Only through a series of trials and quests can a follower
of the Blood Lords prove his worth and give the ultimate sacrifice to become
a Babau and serve his masters.  Furthermore, only the heroic and 
devout are considered worthy of this transformation.  When a 
follower makes this transformation they are started at the bottom of
the ranks as a newly spawned Babau (level 1) and must work their way
back into favor before they can hope to harness their powers.

As a prestige faction class, Babaus are expected to be a reward for
dedicated service and abilities.  As such they are put to the test 
and receive a one-half experience penalty through their entire
existence.  Additionally, Babau will find that to attain certain levels
(and subsequent new abilities) they must quest throughout the land of
Tsunami to prove their mastery of the land and devotion to their Blood

Unlike most monsters and non-humanoids, Babaus do not possess the
ability to quickheal.  Additionally, like their fellow non-humanoids 
they cannot imbue alcohol or purchase heals from humanoid shops.  The 
Babau's magical and religous nature coupled with its structure of
bones and leather provides it the ability to regenerate its damaged
body parts.  However, the Babau is known for its love for flesh and 
eagerly gormandizes any corpse it can find, providing it a means of 

While the Blood Lords are pleased with the creature's sacrifice in
devoting its life to their service, they do not bother to acknowledge
the creatures ability to pray to them until he reaches level 15.

Babaus capture the souls of those *PLAYERS* they kill.  To fully
understand this, see 'help souls'.

While Babaus are technically Monsters in respect to how their Class
bodies function, they are outcast from the Guild and only find refuge in
the Blood Lords temple.

Furthermore, a Babau must always remain 'who on' as the Blood Lords 
require their generals to never hide from confrontation and make clear
to the land that the reckoning has come.

Babaus receive slight combat benefits from fighting in darkness as well
as a nice toughness boost.  Conversely, in light they receive penalties.


Babaus have the following basic skills:
armour           attacking         awareness         combat
intimidate       magic             regenerate        religion(level 15)    
resistance       spear             toughness         weaponry

Babaus have the following specialized skills:
darkdetect       gormandize        impale            overpower

Babaus have the following specialized spells:
bonespear        ensconce(5)       espy              soulrend

Babaus have the following specialized prayers:
reckoning(17)    soulseal(15)      unforsaken(19+1)  unleash hell(19+3)

Babaus have the following resistance adjustments:
Fire                            : +25
Psychic                         : +25
Holy                            : -30
Babau stats:
Strength                        : 160
Dexterity                       : 60
Intelligence                    : 60
Constitution                    : 120
Babaus have the following skill modifications:
spear                           : 10
regenerate                      : 30
Babaus have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: 2
Min Sight: -infinite

The scholars of Heloca are rumored to have acquired a book which
outlines the process of converting a follower of the Blood Lords into
the great Babau.