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help > skills > intimidate
Skill        :   Intimidate
Cost         :   0 sp
Classes      :   Changelings, Dragons, Monsters, Undead, 
                 Thugs, various others.
Skill Type   :   Combat Avoidance
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Strength and Constitution
Resisted by  :   Combat, Resistance
Uses         :   Passive or Aggressive
Syntax       :   do intimidate 
                 (toggles intimidate between passive and

This skill has two uses, an active one and a passive one.  In passive mode it
merely acts to intimidate would-be attackers, preventing them from attacking
you; however, by turning intimidate on (do intimidate toggles this) you also
have a chance to frighten away minor foes when you enter rooms.
Thugs also have the ability to use active intimidate as a way to extort
extra money from some shopkeepers when selling items.

Please note: Some npcs may not be intimidated, the same holds true with
certain player classes such as knights.  As a rule, wizards are immune to