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help > skills > weaponry
Skill        :   Weaponry
Casting Time :   Passive
Stats Base   :   Constitution, Some Strength and Intelligence
Syntax       :   do weaponry

Quite a few classes use this skill to utilize their racial 
weapons.  The level of the weaponry skill determines the 
weapon class of the classes natural weaponry.  It is also 
possible that some form of a special bonus may result due 
to a high weaponry skill.  Though this skill is passive, sometimes 
natural weaponry is missing for some reason.  To fix this 
one can use the active form of this skill, which is the syntax 
'do weaponry', and the weaponry will instantly appear.

Special For Dragons:
There is an additional syntax available if you're a
dragon or a dracolich:
   do weaponry claws
This lets you fight (using normal combat) without doing any
elemental damage. Simply 'do weaponry' to revert to the
standard physical-and-elemental dragon attacks.