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The Horror of Leng

The Horror of Leng created by Fingolfin (200 Points)

In ancient times past, a great evil struck the once fabled plateau now known as Leng. Tied in with the most ancient secrets of Tsunami, the Horror of Leng is truly the culmination of millenia of evil, deceit, and despair. To unlock the secret behind the fall of Kyldiss and the Horror of Leng, one must truly be the greatest of all champions, as the dangers are great, and the past deeply hidden. You must start by gathering as much knowledge and information as possible. The Bard has some as does the library in Kyldiss lost. The plateau of Leng lies near Tarmin, but to decipher the mystery and terror, one must eventually journey through all the lands of Tsunami, and be wary of the great Elder evil that watches with interest any who come too close to the truth.

Suggested Player Level to complete: Hero Party

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