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Arta 'Vypers Banishment

Arta 'Vypers Banishment created by Dmx (20 Points)

Once a promising apprentice, Arta 'Vyper dared to question his mentor and even dared to say his training was too weak. Aghast of his insolence, his mentor cursed Arta 'Vyper to eternal life. However, as part of his curse Arta 'Vyper was damned to never gain any further knowledge in his dark art. Now banished in this world forever never knowing and never dying, Arta 'Vyper even now questions his mentors power. For Arta 'Vyper now has a new plan, one that will reach across the very boundaries of existence. A plan that, if successful, will free Arta 'Vyper from his banishment and prove once and for all that Arta 'Vyper is the master of his own soul.

Suggested Player Level to complete: 3

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