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Bell of Saints

Bell of Saints created by Flaggor (30 Points)

Long ago, a powerful bell was created in the name of several famous and powerful saints. The bell had the power to strike down creatures of darkness. As the years passed, the bell changed hands many times, eventually ending up in the hands of a humble priest. Shortly after the priest received the bell a terrible darkness arose, engulfing the chapel the bell was housed in as well as the surrounding castle. The chapel was desecrated and sealed up... But the darkness could not touch the bell, thus it had to be satisfied leaving it there, lost to man. Find the bell, and purify the chapel. It is said that the priest who once possessed the bell has risen to join others of his dead brethren in the castle where he died, somewhere to the south of Tsunami. He now seeks to protect the bell from the darkness; any aspiring adventurer should speak to him.

Suggested Player Level to complete: 18

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