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DRACOLICH (dragon subclass)
     Dracoliches are the vile creations of necromantic sorcery.
When a noble dragon decides to go further down the path of evil, she
can choose to become this undead sorcerer of darkness.  These creatures
loose their previous skills and stats, gaining a higher intellect and
dexterity, thereby dropping their once powerful strength and enduring
constitution.  Through these dark magics the Dracolich gains the ability
to cast the spells that aided in its creation.  The incredible stat
reducing disease, the ability to charm those who also walk the world as
undead, gaining the spell to heal themselves with the power to harm
others in deathly cruelty, and finally the spell of darkness to hide 
their treacherous ways.  Without the flesh and muscle of their former
selves, Dracoliches loose the ability of flight.  The new undead state
grants new powers as well as penalties.  The Draco builds up resistances
to poison, drain and cold.  Fire, lightning, and holy damage cause more
damage to these undead abominations.  Dracoliches are indeed powerful
creatures of darkness.  To become one involves a complicated quest which
few know of, but be wary of the Dragon who would sell his soul for this

It is only possible to become a dracolich between the levels of 4 and 12.

See also "help dragon"
See also "help skills <skillname>"
Dracoliches have the following skills:

intimidate          weaponry               attacking              awareness
toughness           resistance             combat                 magic
Dracoliches have the following spells: 
death(level 5)   dark(level 5)   enervation(level 5)   charm undead(level 7)
disease(level 9)
Dracoliches have the following resistance adjustments:

Cold                            : +10
Poison                          : +25
Drain                           : +25
Fire                            : -10
Holy                            : -10
Shock                           : -20
Dracolich stats:

Strength                        : 140
Dexterity                       : 60
Intelligence                    : 120
Constitution                    : 80
Dracoliches have the following skill adjustments: 

awareness                       : +50
Dracoliches have have the following sight restrictions:

Max Sight: 2
Min Sight: -9
Dracoliches have the following combat adjustments based on terrain :

Shore				:  -5
Water				:  -5
Underwater			:  -5
Underground			:  +5
Cemetery			:  +10
Forest				:  -5
Desert				:  +5
Mountains			:  +5
Hills				:  +5
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