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help > skills > combat
Skill        :   Combat
Class        :   All
Cost         :   Passive
Skill Type   :   Passive
Casting Time :   Passive
Difficulty   :   Level 0
Stats Base   :   Strength and Dexterity
Syntax       :   Passive
Example      :   Passive
The combat skill is very important for any class, especially for 
fighting type classes, e.g. fighters. 
When two opponents are fighting, the difference in their combat skills 
modifies the amount of damage they are able to inflict on each other.  
If your combat is lower than your opponents, you will do less damage 
to them and they will do more to you.
If you are significantly more well trained than your opponent, you can 
even dodge or parry their blows!  (And vice-versa.)
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