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BLACK DRAGON (dragon subclass)
     Black Dragons are the only Dragon species that are evil by nature.
The body of a Black Dragon produces a highly corrosive acid that it uses
in combat.  This acid can turn the strongest metal into junk and those that
find themselves face to face with a Black Dragon soon realize what effect
this acid has on their equipment.  Either by vomiting up large quantities
of this acid upon its opponents, or simply coating their own flesh with the
greasy fluid, Black Dragons use their natural juices to their greatest
advantage.  Black Dragons are instinctually hunters of the highest degree.
They possess the ability to conceal themselves in their surroundings.  When
the time comes to strike they make short work of their opponents with their
razor sharp claws.

See also - "help dragon"
See also - "help skills <skillname>"
Black Dragons have the following skills:

armour		   weaponry		  attacking		toughness
awareness	   resistance		  combat		intimidate
quickheal	   meld			  shred			regenerate
spew		   secretion
Black Dragons have the following resistance adjustments:

Acid                            : +25
Shock                           : -20
Black Dragon stats:

Strength			: 80
Dexterity			: 140
Intelligence			: 100
Constitution			: 80
Black Dragons have the following skill adjustments:

awareness                 : +20
attacking                 : +10

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