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Gnomes are one of the smallest humanoid races on Tsunami, averaging between two and three feet tall.  There are three distinct gnomish clans, which hail from different parts of the realm, but all gnomes share a few traits in common: they have huge, bulbous noses, in which they take a lot of pride, and they are extremely shy and reclusive.

The western gnomes, native to the forests of Gladstadt, are wily tricksters who enjoy playing jokes on the bigger folk.  These 'forest' gnomes are masters of deception and illusion magicks.  The males often wear long beards with no moustache, and both sexes enjoy a good pipe.  A gnome who has killed a giant is entitled to wear the honorary red cap.

The eastern gnomes, from the lands near Edo, are fascinated with mechanics and construction.  They are some of the best builders in the realm.  These 'tinker' gnomes are thinner and have pointed noses and ears.  They can often be found in hidden mechanics shops and secret labs, where they delight in forging weapons, building traps, and making bombs.

The subterranean gnomes, from far beneath the mainland, are also called Svirfneblin, or 'deep' gnomes.  They are almost completely hairless, which makes their huge noses even more spectacular.  These gnomes are sly warriors and powerful elementalists, profoundly in tune with the stone and earth of their homes.

All gnomes see well in the dark.  They are all slightly agoraphobic, and fight much better underground or in tight spaces than they do out in the open.
Gnome stat adjustments:

Strength         : -10
Dexterity        : 10
Intelligence     : 5
Constitution     : -5
Gnome skill adjustments:

2-hsword         : -10  axe              : +5   bladecraft       : +5   
bomb             : +5   construct        : +5   dodge            : +5   
forge            : +10  hide             : +5   make             : +5   
polearm          : -10  preparation      : +30  rework           : +5   
singing          : +5   trapmaking       : +5   
magic            : +10 for Illusionist 

Gnome starts with first degree Earth for the Wu-Jen mage subclass.
Gnome sight restrictions:

Max Sight        : +9
Min Sight        : +1
Gnome is a tiny race.
Gnome combat adjustments from terrain:

Air              : -10  Building         : +5   Desert           : -5   
Hills            : +10  Mountains        : +5   Plains           : -10  
Underground      : +5