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help > skills > bomb
Skill        :   Bomb
Class        :   Ninja
Cost         :   20 sp
Skill Type   :   Active
Casting Time :   Instant
Difficulty   :   Level 1
Stats Base   :   Dexterity,  Intelligence
Syntax       :   do bomb [<type>]
Examples     :   do bomb flash
                 do bomb gas
                 do bomb smoke

Flash:  When using the flash bomb, the ninja throws down a small package
        filled with flash powder.  Upon contact with the ground, the flash
        powder reacts causing a brilliant white light to encompass the room.
        Any living soul caught in the mist of this explosion may be blinded
        for some amount of time.  Pity the recipient of this skill, especially 
        if he is hunted by the ninja!

Gas:    The effect of a gas bomb will stay in the room for some period of
        time, hurting everyone that happens to breathe the foul gas. The 
        ninja is trained to move around inside this poisonous cloud and thus
        take no damage from his own gas cloud. The cloud of gas can kill. 

Smoke:  This smoke will make it almost impossible to see anything in the room.
        The effect of this smoke bomb will even spread to nearby rooms, this
        allows the ninja to confuse his enemies. The effect of smoke will last
        for a long time. A good way for a ninja on the run to cover his exit!

Gas and flash bombs are considered aggressive acts if a player walk into them.
If you don't want to become aggressive by mistake by hurting players, then
you should set your nopk flag (setenv nopk 1). This will make all players
immune to the bomb effect. The flag has no meaning in the arena and in wars.
See also: help set, help setenv